Title: Shit & Feet, Sniff & Eat
Cast: LoveRachelle
Genre: Scat, Cum, Fisting, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:11:49

Hope you’re in for some humiliation, dirty talk and foot/scat worship, you little perv, cuz you came to the right place. I show off my feet and tell you to sniff them, mocking you for enjoying how they stink and how excited you must be to smell just how NASTY I can really get. I poop onto a plate and make you take a really deep sniff. Ooh, it really stinks! I torture you a little for enjoying it, betting that you really wanna let lose now I’m not so sure you’re even worth it. You’ll have to indulge and please me first, and then I’ll think about it I finger my shitty asshole and moan, feels SO good to fuck my shithole after I’ve birthed a turd <3 Go on, take out your cock and jerk off… I finger my clit and my asshole simultaneously and order you to cum with me on a countdown. Mmm, guess you did well then, didn’t you, slave… Well then, alright, I’ll let you eat my shit, but first, I’m going to pick it up, and put it in this container you’re going to take it to work with you, and eat it there.I smile and step into the load a bit, leaving imprints. I don’t care if you have to hide in a storage closet, eat ALL my shit, slave! Enjoy your lunch at work, loser!

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