Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

She covered all in shit, she my ashtray, my toilet. For her, it’s happiness and joy to be in aa shit all day. She flits around the house like a butterfly, carrying smell of shit everywhere. Not second aa shy of her dirty depravity. I am touched by it. Looking at her, my heart rejoices with her, for her aaaa aa carelessness and how little she needs for happiness1. All in shit, slut masturbating with cigaretteHow I aa love it when soft, fragrant, smelly shit covers my toilet girls, toilet shit-eater. It’s so beautiful, aaaa sensual, perverse. What makes me happy is that they like it themselves. Being in shit, feeling it on skin, a smearing all over body, and then walking around in it all day soaking up stink and smell of shit, they aa enjoy it. From time to time they clean off the shit and lick their dirty fingers, eating quietly piece by a piece. They pose and flaunt in front of me, showing what dirty perverts they are. I love these days and aa sometimes I can allow them a lot, even almost everything. It turns me on, I like it, I do it with them aa a again and again2. She covered in shit, she my toilet My slave girl likes walk around in shit all day. aaa a During the day, all dirty, she entertains me, dances, serves as an ashtray. Smell of shit follows her aaa a everywhere and is in the air. I don’t mind, I like see her all dirty and smelly, when smell of my shit aa a permeates her skin. But all in good time. It was late in the evening, I barely drove her into the bath to a wash. I threatened her that if she didn’t go to bathe she would sleep on toilet Mat. Oddly enough, this had an effect and she reluctantly trudged off wash off the shit. This time, she was covered in shit, her face, chest, back, all her slender, beautiful body was covered with brown layer of shit. Brown streams of shit aa and water poured to the bottom of tub, it was nice watch as it was cleaned of long-dried and absorbed into skin of shit. She washed long time, but even after washing, she still smelled like shit, smell of stale aa fart came from her all next day, this is good, because she is my toilet

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