Scat, Piss, Big shit, Lesbian, Domination, Smearing

My friends Olga and Alice decided to have a dirty show in which we will coat shit our friend Carolina. To us in visitors came Carolina and we heard a it our plan, Carolina thought and agreed to. We came to the room at us all except Carolina had clothes on and Carolina was totally naked, first Carolina posing for you clean, showing you ass, Boobs, pussy, after the demonstration Carolina sits on the floor and first I shit on Carolina naked on Carolina’s body drains shit, after me Carolina’s naked body shits Alice, and at the end Olga. Carolina all in shit and my friends began to smear shit on the body of Carolina’s legs belly pussy, ass, Breasts, Carolina all in shit, after we finished smearing the Carolina shit Carolina poses for you all in shit, Carolina walks around the room, takes different poses in one word arranges an erotic show for you…

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