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“Hi, loser. I am talking with you! My ass has never looked sexier than it does from below aaa a peaking out from under my toilet seat. You get a below me view. You will be jerk-off without self-respect a as you gaze at my perfect ass while I poke my heels into the slave’s mouth. When my asshole has been aaa a properly relaxed I let loose a magnificent pile right into the slave’s mouth that fills its mouth and piles up on top of its face. Next, the camera looks right into my face as I spit down the slave and coldly order it to “Swallow my shit, toilet.” You will jerk-off furiously—I can almost hear your tiny dick flapping aa a around now—as I look down pitilessly at the sub-human struggling to swallow my stinky shit. You abandon a a hope as your dignity melts away and you give yourself to pleasing me by humiliating yourself. I use toilet brush and my shoes to shove the shit down the slave’s throat. You can see it working by the smile on my a face. Since you have enjoyed the view of my ass you should live by the slave rules. When you cum and once you have spewed your sperm lick up it like a good little toilet.

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