You’ve been lying in the toilet bowl for days. I can see you’re bored, but I’ll cheer you up. Open your mouth, I had a little constipation and now you have to eat all the shit that has accumulated in me for two days. Open your mouth wider, even wider. My big shit clogged in your mouth and throat. Eat, chew, swallow, have fun, I think this is just the beginning and soon I’ll be back to shit in you again properly.
Are you asleep? Open your eyes! Wake up toilet bowl, I brought you supplements. I promised to come back. Open your mouth quickly and swallow without chewing, I think I have diarrhea. Get ready, open your throat and just swallow, let the shit slide in you. Yes, that’s it, attaboy, you should always be ready for any shit, solid or liquid, and in any quantities. I fed you well today, but don’t relax, my husband returns from a business trip in the evening

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