While washing the dishes my belly starts to hurt really bad. It’s uncomfortable but I keep washing my dishes. I really want to get them done then I can go lay down. My belly keeps cramping and rumbling. It feels like I need to fart! I push out the fart but it feels like more than just gas came out of my ass! I spread my cheeks and you can see shit in my ass crack! Wet, runny, stinky shit!

I hurry to get the rest of the dishes done so I can run to the toilet! But before I can get them done my belly starts to cramp again! What I think is another fart is actually a huge blast of wet diarrhea! It splatters all over my floor and runs down my ass crack and all down my legs! Oh it stinks so bad! I just made a HUGE mess!

I quickly try to finish washing the dishes as the diarrhea drips out of my ass and down my legs! Oh man! I’ve made such a mess!