part 2

I put my shit on a plate, I make the slave sniff the poo
I talk to him and I laugh, it’s dirty pig, ridiculous….
it turns him on it smells good he says, I spit on his pig face,
he puts his nose in it, and he licks my good shit
I like to see this treat of my poo.
I put shit on my fingers and stick it in those nostrils hihihi
I smell a big lump and stick it in his nose, he likes to sniff
my good shit, I force him to make the noise of the pig, hihihi it is ridiculous
I spit and burp on his pig face.
then he puts that nice cock in my shit,
then I coat that cock with my fat shit, he’s excited,
I massage, I stroke the acorn coated with poop, I must not move
she laughs, it amuses her to coat my cock, she massages the glans, the pig is excited
I massage his balls too, I smear it well dick, I wring it out hihihihi it’s dirty
the slave likes he is very excited, I jerk him off ……
it’s a nice dirty video

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