Prettylisa’s ultra hard return. This stands to be one of the most perverted scat films around. Prettylisa has evolved quite a bit since her last video adventures. She is ready to swallow feces now and her outburst of excitment and perverted lust as she is engaged in these dirty games have to be seen to be believed. One of most outragous scens has her suck shit & piss from a toilet. She spits the brown mess in a kitchen mixer and creater her own disgusting cocktail.

This is one of Lisa’s prvately made amateur videos. Although shot with digital video equipment, please note that this video is intentionally amateur style. We dedided to leave it as raw, unaltered and unedited as possible to preserve the power and authenticity of the orignal material.If you like things sexy, glamorous and stylish this is a no go. Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.

Format: MP4
Duration: 60 Min
Size: 699 Mb
Resolution: 640×480