Schoolgirls in their prime experimental curiosity at its best.

Here you will see two schoolgirls experimenting their desires with each other. One absolutely begging for her best friend to give her deposits to her. Although not yet ready, her best friend has taken out a small enema she bought earlier that day and inserted it in her. It did not take long before her bestfriend spreads her ass infront of her face while she’s patiently lying on the plastic mat they have prepared for her droplets of poo to drop out on her neck bit by bit. They shared a passionate kiss after smelling the stench of poop. It made them realized how much this encounter means to them.

They smeared each other with poop and passionately made love with each other while covered in shit. This is their world, now and forever. They are and have now realized that they love poo! And it makes them hornier by the minute. They finish each other and lies down to catch their breath before cleaning up and getting caught!!!

Length: 21:30s
Resolution: 640×480
Download Format: avi
File Size: 511 MB
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