Today is your second birth, you mother fucker. Today you will be our complete toilet bowl. Shit, urine, snot, drool and menstruation, all will pour into your mouth. Now there are no restrictions for you. You will consume all our fluids over and over again.
1. Puddle of pee, shit and gasket
Slaves sniff and lick my panties and gasket,I wore them for five days. Sniff, chew, suck the taste of my pussy. I keep learning to eat Shit right out of my ass.Now press against my ass and open your mouth. You dropped it on the couch?Oh, you bitch!!! Poke his face in the shit, my slave. Lie down on the floor, now the slave will shit in your mouth.I’ll teach you how to take it.I’ll spit you a mouthful,you’ll be covered in shit. Eat, chew, tasty. Tasteless?Here’s the Chocolate!Now eat everything.I see progress.I’m happy, it’s so nice when a slave eats shit.
2. Full toilet for shit, piss, snot, vomit
Slave girl and I, mock on our new toilet slave today. Before that, he eat our shit, drink our urine. And now swallow vomit, drool, snot. Now he’s a complete toilet bowl, spittoon and puke bowl. The slave girl enjoyed his tongue in her ass and i helped her a little. She impetuously finished right on the face slave. How nice to have a working tongue in all holes, soft, warm and diligent. At the end of the slave a little tired, he was covered in shit and vomit, but with a happy smile on her face. Today he performed his duties perfectly our full toilet

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