One of Mistress Lisa’s fans has been stalking her and tresspasses onto her property. After chaining him to the floor you get to see Lisa have some fun torturing him and using him as her toilet. First she locks a mouth spreader into his mouth then uses a hand held shocker (not a TENS unit but the self defense kind used to incapacitate) to torture his nipples. Lisa giggles with amusement as the slave thrashes in agony. Then she attaches clamps to his fried nipples and pulls on them with a chain attachment while she kicks his body with her stiletto shoes. She just laughs at his screams of pain and verbally berates him even more. Next she pisses into a funnel container and forces the slave to drink it through a plastic tube. As the slave gags and moans in misery Lisa takes off her panties and positions her asshole over him and farts in his face. Then she shits into his mouth which is wide open thanks to the mouth spreader. Some of the shit has fallen to the side so she shoves the it back into his mouth and breaks out a giant black dildo which she uses to push and grind the shit deeper into his throat. Finally she turns him onto his stomach and puts a tray under his face with the remnants of the shit and vomit. She shoves his face into it, telling him to eat and not let any go to waste.

Length: 7:29s
Resolution: 640×480
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