Stinky In Pink + The Failure – Organic Princess Brooke (€54.99 YezzClips)

The video begins with Princess Brooke giving Jimmy his Valentine’s day TREAT! She fills THREE cupcakes with shit and then CRUSHES then on Jimmy’s face! Stuffing them into his mouth! Jimmy gags and chokes so hard! Then she orders him to kneel in her feces as she showers in the background! Then Princess Brooke Cooks a BIG VEGAN MEAL FOR HERSELF, all while her slave starves upstairs! When she is done, she SITS DOWN ON HIS THROAT and begins eating, slowly, casually, enjoying herself. As she slowly finishes her food, she begins to feel GASSY so she strips down and prepares to inject the farts right up her slave’s nose! The farts are LONG WET GREASY AND VERY AUDIBLE, Jimmy is screaming for her to stop! The video ends with Brooke LAYING A MOUNTAIN on Jimmy’s face and STUFFING HIM once more! This may be the biggest poop she has taken to date! (we have had BIG PROBLEMS with people sharing and posting our content on share sites! Please! IF THIS CONTINUES we will not be able to keep creating such great content! Don’t ruin the fun for everyone because this is just the beginning! there are BIG THINGS COMING!)