janet – Fart Pee and Pooping while Facesitting ($17.99 ScatShop)

POV facesitting/farting/pissing/shitting clip, with a little bit of roleplay, humiliation and punishment. I talk to the camera like it was my slave wanting to serve me and sniff my farts, but i feeling a big gassy. You insists me to sit on your face and start riding away and sure enough i start blasting his face with farts. But you doesn’t mind at all, you rather enjoys it. You love to smell some disgusting gas, huge farts just blasting the ever loving fuck out of the camera. I sit down on the camera as if on your face and command you to sniff and lick my asshole. Lick her deeper and more thoroughly. After all I will piss in your open mouth and you will swallow my pee. And if you think your mission is over, you are wrong. Now I’m going to shit in your mouth. You will see from two angles how beautiful shit oozes from my ass and slides into your throat. Now lick me with your tongue and thank your mistress for such mercy!


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