QuinnBrooks – Shy Girlfriends Shitting Secret ($13.99 YezziClips)

Shy girlfriend tells you her scat fantasy// nice views and YES you can see the shit pouring out//

You see sweetie, I have had this umm.. fantasy for a very long time. I have dreamed about playing with my shit for quite some time. I’ve been super nervous to tell you. That’s why I asked you into the bathroom. I wanted to ease you into what I’ve been wanting to explore with you. Here sit and just watch. I’ll play with my perfect tight pussy. I know that gets you hard. Now you see I normally can’t hold in my shit. I wanted this to be SO special for you so I have been holding in my shit for 2 hours. Now after I have sort of eased you into it I want to turn around. Now see sweetie this isn’t scary? You love my nice round ass. I spread it for you and show it off to ease you into whats about to happen. I spread my ass and let it all out. You get the perfect view of all my perfect shit coming out of my ass. I touch your face and say “Now I know you want to see it right?” I know you want to look down on the floor and see it.. Your excited aren’t you?? I can’t wait to explore more with you.


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