Swimsuit Enema with GAPING Anal Toy Play ($11.99 ScatShop)

Watch Me fill My ass up, using my shower hose straight up my ass hole in a nice black one piece swimsuit.
Once my insides are full and about to drip the water and load out of my ass i squat down back facing the camera and squirt all of the water out of my ass.. HERE there are LOTS of farts!
trying to escape from my tight perfect thing. A pretty big log of poop comes out as well.

Then its time to take the swimsuit off and get my toy ready to fuck my ass, lots of close ups and angles, you can even see it gape once i fill it back up and gush out a load of water again!!
Ending with a super squirty explosive orgasm too. Definitely recommend for those gaping, toying, messy lovers <3


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