GwenyT – Daddy Fucks Me Until I Poop ($15.99 ScatShop)

I accidentally tinkle a little in my undies and thought it was funny until Daddy told me it wasn’t and I was a bad girl that needed to be spanked for it. When he turns me around in my pee soaked undies he sees how cute my butt is and can’t help himself from getting hard in his pants, I notice this and ask him about it. He pulls out his huge cock and make me press my wet butt into it, I tell him I think this is wrong and we shouldn’t be doing this. He makes me take off my undies and pushes himself into my butt and makes me ride him hard, I can feel my poop needing to come out and tell him but he just fucks me harder until I poop all over his cock making him stinky and messy. But I like it and it’s starting to feel good for me so I quickly put him back in me and ride him harder until he makes me get down and suck him clean. This is so icky at first, I scrunch my nose but eventually it starts tasting yummy and I want to make my Daddy clean!

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