Love to shit in jeans, Yana ($23.99 ScatShop)

I love your jeans and to me they are very much like . Olga and I wore jeans and sat on the couch , then I stood up and removed his jeans , I usually don’t wear panties when I’m in jeans . I stood with her legs on the couch and began to shit and piss in my favorite jeans , but I am not enough , I told my friend that she also did it . Olga pulled the jeans and climbed on the sofa and he too began to shit on my jeans . After I and Olga pissing and shit on my jeans, we got cancer and began to sniff , Oh how I love when pahnit shit . After that, I wore jeans , shit Olga and mine was in the inside of Jesse . I sat on the couch and suttle smear shit on his ass . After I smeared shit inside jeans your ass , Olga took off my jeans and started to smell the shit . Here is Olga and I had a good time.

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