Silicone Goddess Antonella – ScatShop – MegaScatPack – 107 ScatVideo

This rip of all 107 videos available on the ScatShop silicone goddess Antonella store page. The store page lists 108 items, but one of them is a custom video purchase option, another (“My puppy brought me a gift”) is listed twice in the store for some reason, and finally, another video (“Slave licks hot caviar off my leg”) is actually two separate videos under one purchase option. Some of the videos are solo scenes of Antonella doing things like peeing in a glass or bottle, shitting on a plate or tray, and farting in her pantyhose/tights. Most of the videos are femdom in nature and involve slave girls, mostly men, although there is one scene with a female slave. She does various things in the video including: pegging, sitting on her face, shitting in a slave’s mouth, giving slaves enemas, canning, and fisting.




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