Jeans Poop After Our Mexican Food Date & Laxative ($8.99 ScatShop)

You are sneaky! You invited me to a Mexican dinner I am sure to make me fart and shit really big! But I am sneaky too! I took a laxative 3 or 4 hours before our date so I could be ure to give you a great jeans shitting show after our date!
We are at my house drinking coffee (also helps to stimulate my poop!) after our dinner and I start to feel the pain and cramps in my tummy from the laxative mixing with the beef enchiladas LOL. I start to let it out and it feels all liquidy, I’m moaning and groaning as it is hard to push out….but it is a weird mix of liquid and semi-hard squishy shit!
My light-colored jeans get all nice and visibly stained for your viewing pleasure :O) Watch the big load stain and expand in my jeans…then I take them off for you and show you the hit smashed on my ass like a Rorschach test LOL. Then I zoom in on the big load in my jeans on the floor.
Thanks for the nice date!! ;O)

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