Alina pooping in dirty panties after work. Close up ($13.99 ScatShop)

Today Alina came tired of work, she was sitting at the computer and moved a lot all day. She had many things to do, she went a lot and by the evening her panties were very dirty (I was surprised when I saw this, when she took off her panties they had a lot of female discharge). When we started to shoot the video, her pussy smelled a lot, I even noticed it when Alina took off her jeans – this sharp natural female smell when the girl is active all day. Alina pooping very hard and dense pieces of shit, pours them on top of the puff secretions, the smell was very rotten and sweet at the same time, and in combination with the smell from her pussy, I got an interesting range of scents for my nose. I asked Alina that she ate these 2 days, why her shit is so dense, she answered – that now she does not have much free time and she hardly cooks at home and eats at a cafe. As Alina said, in the morning I ate breakfast at home, ate a chicken with potatoes and cucumbers and tea with biscuits, at lunch I went to a cafe – I ordered red fish and a salad with beans and meat, and in the evening I ate 2 pieces of pizza with strawberry mors. And yesterday, closer to 12 at night, we drank one liter of beer with a guy, and homemade chips in a frying pan were prepared for beer. And all this food and the one that Alina had eaten the day before, her body processed and turned into these fragrant bright brown sausages from shit!

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