Mistress Evilyne – The Ultimate Slave Training ($35.99 ScatShop)

My slave is covered in healing whip marks from his last training session. He is worshipping My boots and I explaing to him as he does it that suffering pain for Me is not enough. He needs to be degraded and turned into an animal to be built up again as a slave from scratch. The best way to achieve this is to put him through the ultimate degradation and humiliation. He isn’t even allowed to watch Me shit. He kneels with his face against the floor just beside Me as I shit on the floor then make him eat My shit off the dirty floor like a beast. To remind him even more of his position, I make him make animal noises as he consumes My shit. Because he keeps forgetting his place, I bring out My punishment rod to help coax him by giving him hits on the asss. I WILL train him. He is the perfect candidate: keen, willing… but he still must be broken, and break him, I will!


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