Mistress Gaia – Disgusting breakfast ($14.99 ScatShop)

It’s breakfast time for my slave. You can imagine what kind of breakfast: my piss and shit. I have made him wear a straightjacket, because I don’t want him to be able to touch his cock. When I feed him my shit, he always plays with his cock to get aroused; being aroused makes easier for him to eat my shit but, today, he will have to consume everything without any kind of help. To make things even more difficult, I’m going to piss and shit in the same bowl. The resulting brown stinky mixture is really disgusting and he must eat everything like a dog, with his face inside the bowl, without using his hands. This slave is very pretentious and thinks he is my best slave. If this is true, he must be ready to do even the most disgusting and revolting things for his Mistress, things that other slaves refuse to do!!! Come on slave, put your face into the bowl and eat!!!


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