LucyScat – Selfmade shitcake stuffing and smearing ($30.99 ScatShop)

This was a customer request, and it was really,really hot.

I do a huge shit on a plate, then u see a little compilation (about 4-5 minutes) of me doing the cake.

I take two pieces of the chocolate-shit cake.

I taste a spoon of it and tell you how it tastes, then i start ti smear my shitcake on my tits, encourage you that you will be able to eat the rest of the cake and to eat my yummy shit.

I smear on my tits and on my belly. My skin get oily, and i get horny as fuck.

I continue to smear on my inner thigh and finally on my pussy.

I take my dildo and start to fuck me anal while i stuff my pussy with my shitcake and rubbing my pussy.

After a while i push the shitcake out and with it comes a bit pee and a bit fresh shit.

I climax while the dildo stucks in my ass and rubbing my oily pussy.

At the end i gather everything from the ground and my body together for my customer!

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