Sexandcand18 – Poison ivy poop collection ($21.99 ScatShop)

Oooopsie, I mess my panties accidently. Purchase this video to get all 5 videos as part of this school girl panty pooping collection. The 5x video collection (all w/ white panties) include:

After School Accidental Mess – I just get in from school teasing you with up close camera shots of my netted white knickers. I talk to you about needing to go for poops and have been holding IT IN ALL DAY AT SCHOOL! I almost let it out on the way home. I’ve been such a girl for lasting this long but ooooopsies, it comes out in my knickers….in front of you. How embarrassing. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE WHERE YOU SEE ME ACT LIKE A REAL SCHOOL GIRL. Girls my age should not mess their knickers. I tell you about needing to go and talk to you before and during my messing. MUST READ – there is no physical scat in this video, just the scat in releasing in my panties.

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