PrincessPoo – British Filthy talk with holding ($16.99 ScatShop)

Its that time of month again bitch. The time of month you desperately wait for. Only a perverse creature like you would be interested in a girl on her period. Any real man would stay away for a few days, but you… disgusting you are hungry for my monthly mess. You fantasise constantly about being my tampon bitch don’t you. You’d do anything to get your filthy mouth between my legs and pull my dirty soiled tampon out with your teeth, and then you’d chew on it like a depraved creature. I could make you do anything for me just for the chance to get close to my pussy at this special time of the month. Well go on then bitch. This is your lucky day! Clean that mess out of me and show me just what a degenerate little fuck you are!

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