Full shoes crap Yana starring in video ModelNatalya94 ($12.99 ScatShop)

Olga and Yana invited a friend of Svetlana , and decided that Olga and Svetlana fill the shoes Yana his shit . Yes, their plan worked Olga, Yana and Svetlana sat on the sofa and began to smoke cigarettes , about how cool they breathe in the smoke as it comes out of their mouth , Yana got up from the sofa and began to show you my white high-heeled shoes . Then Yana picked them up and brought it to the ass of Olga , but Olga began to fill shoes Yana piss and shit , then Yana offered his shoes to her , now she shits in shoes Yana . Oh my God a big pile of crap in my shoes , and Yana is also shits and pisses in my shoes . Then Yana gives to smell the shit that it is Olga Svetlana , sniffing them myself .So much shit is just fine , Yana inserts in the shoes which a lot of shit on your feet , and shit starts to lick from her shoes . Yes, all spoopy in shit , legs, and shoes and Yana begins to walk in them around the room . No shit reserves Yana . After that Yana village on the bed and took her shoes off about how great all of the foot Dress in shit . It’s just great , and the shoes inside is also shit . Cool Yana, Olga and Svetlana spent her day .


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