Alice fart to mouth starring in video ModelNatalya94 ($16.99 ScatShop)

Hello dear our fans, those who love and appreciate our creativity. In this video you will see Alice, Olga and Carolina. Girls play the game: “Take an enema and feather in my mouth.” Karolina and Olga stood on the table with cancer, and Alice filled them with air from an enema and then took the fart on her face. Since Karolina and Olga didn’t poke in the morning, along with the farting they came out poop. Spray of shit splashed over Alice’s face and body. She sniffed the air that came out of the girls ass and licked their dirty asses. Alice tongue removed poop from the ass and swallowed them. Karolina peed and Olga wetted her naked boobs in Caroline’s piss. Then Carolina kissed Olga’s breasts. Karolina and Olga at the end of the video showed their dirty and delicious butts right in the camera. Here is a video with us))) Thank you for being with us!

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