Young-Dominas – Interview kimberly idad (€10.99 YezziClips)

My slave has arrived by train and has hidden a toilet chair in his luggage… Today I will feed him in full comfort in a sitting position: In this way I will also have good access to his nipples, cock and balls…. both for reward and for punishment!
First, my human toilet must receive my golden shower. A heavenly stream of juices flows from my pussy into the mouth of my dirty swallowing pig…. Soon he lies in a puddle of divinity.
Then follows the real test for my toilet slave. He will now have to catch my scat in his mouth and swallow it down. See how my gigantic sausage leaves my butthole, hangs in the air and finally lands in the mouth of my human toilet. I enjoy every single moment that he has his mouth bulging with my shit. This shit doesn’t belong anywhere but in there! By jerking his cock, I animate my scat slave to taste my divine chocolate. If he does not do what I say, I will give him pain and massage my shit into his soul….

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