Misty_Phoenix – Mix in a vase (€15.99 YezziClips)

Hello our lovely fans. In this video you will see Olga. Olga is having fun today and playing with her belt. Olga decided to use scotch tape and taped her nipples with it. Olga is also wearing coarse fishnet tights. Olga poses in front of the camera and then kneel down with her booty to the camera. Olga takes a belt and begins to flog herself. She hits her buttocks with a belt. She does not feel sorry for herself, but does it strongly and with great pleasure. Olga likes to smack herself and she does it over and over again striking her ass with a belt. Then Olga turns to the camera with her pussy and continues to flog herself, striking her pussy and clitoris with a belt. She also does it without feeling sorry for herself, as she enjoys it. Then, having played enough with a belt, Olga takes a transparent vase and pisses into it. When Olga pissed, she decided that she needed to add vomit there, Olga takes a toothbrush and teases her throat. Vomiting and what was in her stomach comes out. Snot and drool, along with vomit, also fall into a transparent vase where there was already urine. Emptying her stomach, Olga mixes everything in a transparent vase, she lifts the vase with the mixture above her head and pours the mixture over her head. Urine with vomit spills over Olga’s head and flows onto Olga’s face and body. Hair becomes completely wet. Then Olga takes an egg and breaks it on her head. The egg also spreads over Olga’s hair and face. She really likes it, a real toilet slave for you in this video. You must see this. Happy viewing.


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