Sara is at her friend’s and she has to take a shit. Unfortunately, someone is in the bathroom. What does she do? She decides to poop in her white yoga pants. She proceeds to pull down her pants and have a nice tasty treat. Next, she takes her pants and licks the poop off of her pants like the good little poop-eating slut she is. Next, she smears it all over her face, tits, pussy, and ass. She is now totally covered in shit. She then fucks her ass with her dildo and cleans her fingers and dildo with her mouth. After that, her belly feels a little upset so she vomits all over herself. She then gets on all fours and eats a nice chunk of poop and vomit off of the floor. She shows a nice close-up of her eating and swallowing it. Sara is a real poop loving slut.

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