Nicolettaxxx – A beautiful punishment ($22.99 ScatShop)

This video is shot like roleplay with you as my sweet daddy. I came home from private lessons, can’t you see? No… I’m not lying to you I could never lie to you! But after a few minutes, yes … I don’t know how to resist … and I lied. I didn’t go to class! But look what I’m wearing a fantastic black dress with one of your favorite diapers.. what do you say? You do not like it? It’s super sexy … but for this lie I deserve a nice punishment and I’m already getting really excited! I show you my big diaper, I fart inside … I piss in it and start pushing … a huge piece of shit will be the surprise … but you know it well … I spent a few months taking medicine and my shit is very rubbery … so rubbery that it sticks to my hands … and I’d say it’s great for masturbating internally … it sticks in my pussy then I take a big black dildo and I can’t stop I come in a fantastic clitoral orgasm!

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