AKinkyVixen – Sometimes Shit Gets Hard ($11.99 ScatShop)

After a day of dehydration, my shit is hard and compacted. I try to push it out on my knees, but all it does is dribble a bit of pee – it’s stuck! I change angles and start bearing down on the toilet with my legs open wide for you to watch my asshole – finally I start to push out this hot, hard, chunky shit – letting it fall onto the rim of the toilet seat, where you can see and inhale the sweet scent. After awhile I realize something – I’m getting pretty fucking horny from this! I slip 2 fingers into my wet pussy, enjoying the sensation as I press into my cunt and feel the shit still inside of my ass, pushing it down as I finger myself and squeeze it out. Ahhhh, sweet release. 😉


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