GwenyT – Pranking My BFF’s Mom ($9.99 ScatShop)

I’m having a sleepover my with best friend, Susie. We’re hanging out on the floor and I’ve been waiting to ask her this all night. I tell her I want us to prank her mom! I tell her I think pooping in her room and letting her mom find it and have to smell it would be so funny. I’m thinking in my head that this is the perfect opportunity to poop in front of her and to see her poop too.. I have to coerce her into it and I go first! I poop in front of her and then tease her about her liking it, I know she likes it.. i get on all fours and tell her to look at my poop covered asshole, I tell her it’s not weird. I know she likes looking at it, I can tell by her face, so I tell her to lick my butthole. She’s a little shy at first but then licks it clean for me, she’s so cute and sweet, I tell her she’s my very best friend. Then I tell her to poop for me.

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