kinkpeek – Fart Face 5: Eat My Sharts! ($7.99 ScatShop)

Mistress Stephie approaches Her Ass Eating slave, who is blindfolded and secured to the bondage chair. The Mistress starts of by wickedly slapping both of his exposed tits to get his attention. She announces that She has a special treat for him today: They’ll be working on his toilet training, and that he needs to start by cleaning Her beautiful puckered asshole.

His tongue touches her delicate rosebud as She sits on his face…but the slave recoils and screams in disgust after his taste buds tell him that his Mistress owner has recently used that asshole and neglected to clean it. “Come on, clean it up!” She tells him “Get that tongue in there and roll it around…I want it deeply cleaned!” and “all you are is a human toilet! That’s ALL-YOU-GET!”. She tells him that the beans from her burrito gave Her indigestion and gas and that She has another treat for him. He tenses up, but She tells him to relax…and blasts him in the face with a massive liquid fart, that runs in a lightly yellow streak down his face as he screams in real horror. She forces him to endure massive, long, wet and incredibly intense farts directly into his face; real sharts.

You feel real pity for the slave as he can’t move or even see where the farts and ass juice are coming from. But Mistress Stephie is always looking to push the envelope (and will to lose a slave or two in the process). She forces the ass eater to point his tongue and penetrate just the very entrance to Her delicate rosebud. She then erupts with another loud, long and very wet fart directly into his slave mouth. The slave is coughing and choking, pleading, asking why She is so cruel to him. After Her bowels have calmed and She feels clean and satisfied, She looks him the face and tells him “Your breath smells like sh*t!” and walks off.

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