The trainee is back! You saw him try (and fail) to consume in the clip ‘SWALLOW IT’ Training: LEVEL 1. Well, he’s back for more training and I’m not as merciful this time. I shit directly in his mouth, filling him with my delicious chocolate. He holds it while moaning in depraved delight. Then I take the turd out and pile it on his chest before slowly feeding him piece after piece – he actually eats some this time! I notice the consumption is making his dick hard so I pack his mouth again and use the vibrator on him until he cums. As part of his training, he is then ****** to hold the shit in his mouth for a few seconds AFTER he has released as a true sign of submission. These silly men are so damn desperate for my ass, they’ll literally do anything! It’s so funny 😉 xo Bastienne

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