Mom was the head of the family and dad always obeyed her. At the age of 13, I accidentally saw how my mother feeds my father with shit. Mom noticed this and began to prepare me for adulthood. Mom prepared dad and soon I started to shit in his mouth too. A few years later, dad passed away, the poor thing could not stand such a load. It was a difficult period for my mother and me. You can’t just take a shit, when you got used to doing it in someone’s mouth, we got constipated. And I began to look for a replacement for our dad.
I met a guy, he is a manager and makes good money. Only son, grew up without a father, female upbringing. We became lovers, I began to accustom him to cunnilingus. She began to wash herself less and less and check his reaction. Liked. Further more, right during cunnilingus, she asked to go to the toilet, returned and immediately with dirty holes on her face. Liked. Then she began to give herself a lick after a bowel movement, on the toilet. Liked. In an excited state, she began to teach him to drink urine and then eat feces. I gradually increase the dose, shit in my mouth and teach to lick my ass. I take breaks so that he himself asks me to shit in his mouth, he can no longer live without my humiliation. I start to act up, and soon he makes me an offer, we sign. We started living together, the games are over, everything is shit now for him. I start making videos of our feedings and sell them. Fight gag reflexes, vomit, let him eat vomit. Repetition is the mother of learning, soon he eats faster and wants more and more, it’s time to introduce him to his mother. Gala dinner, a large portion of our shit eaten with pleasure. We meet more and more often, I teach to serve both of us, my mother is used to her son-in-law and gives out huge portions. My husband recovered, on good nutrition, he doesn’t get enough of our shit, I introduce him to my friends. They are impressed by our relationship and also start to shit in his mouth. Trained to start doing this with their husbands.

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