kinkpeek – Fart Face 6: Shart Truce ($9.99 ScatShop)

Fart Queen Mistress Stephie Staar has captured a peeping tom and secured him to a bondage bench in Her dungeon, where he is blindfolded and gagged. She doesn’t waste much time, as She crawls onto his prone form and after some chit chat, She lets loose with a huge, long, wet and nasty shart. it seems to go on and on and the poor slave gets a shower of *ahem* extra stuff along with it, with amazing close ups. She asks him how good it smells but all he can do is scream in horror at what is happening to him. Mistress Stephie is clearly having some gastrointestinal issues, each fart seems to be wetter and nastier than the next.

The slave for the most part just screams and moans, as he cannot speak with a huge penis gag in his mouth, and because he is blindfolded, he cannot see the sharts coming until they’re all over his face. This clip is even more graphic than Fart Face 5. A more appropriate title might be “toilet face”.

Mistress Stephie is relentless though, as She smothers him in Her bodily waste and fumes, again and again, until the hapless, helpless loser is seemingly comatose.

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