Smutty_Luce – SHARING is CARING. Season 2 ($32.99 ScatShop)

“SHARING is CARING. Season 2” Duration: 19 minutes. The only air he was allowed to breath was my Ass perfume. While feeding him with those smelly turds, the poor guy couldn’t catch a break as I smothered and fucked his face.
After suffocating him with my stinky ass and shit, I couldn’t resist the temptation of tasting my delicious waste so I made him share a huge chunk of shit with me as we wrap ourselves in a romantic French kiss full of shit while our breaths are full of the stench of my flavorful waste.
Then I proceed to reward him by massaging his cock with my shit before I make him to pound my shit tunnel balls deep until he cums inside.
You should see how beautiful that shitty creampie looks when ai squeeze it out of my shithole.

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