23X.TheVeroHardExperience starring in video Veronicapassi ($19.99 ScatShop)

Everything start with white dust and something more, for start to feel hight, just take a pony tail, and shave all my pussy, and lets make feel pain my tits, big spanks with a wood spon, nipples, tits everywhere until red and blue skin, and bruises a lot, after a lot of spanking annd using some ice cubes for refreshing, all time use more and more funny stimulants, and pain for the same tit, I start to see the differente colors on the skin because the hits and spanks, I scream a lot so need to put a tape on my mouth for not make so much noise, after this I start to hang up becasue my lord ask me about it, and Im a good bitch pleasing him, after this my master give me so much pleasure with vibrations, with my favorite toy ever, and my master use the hight vibrations, intense moans, until cum so good… and the time to dirtyness are abble too… anal until deep dirty stuff… ATM, A LOT, FUCKING MORE DIRTY ATM. DIRTY AS HELL. AND MY FIRST SWALLOW EVER…

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