DirtyBetty – OMG! My Poop Want Me ($18.99 ScatShop)

Looks like this shit wants to say something?
It is very silent, and almost always enjoys my dirty games! But this shit is special… it doesn’t just want to be in my mouth, it ITSELF wants to be my mouth.
Yes, in my wonderful world of chaos and dirty toilets (and not only them!) This can happen, but this time… everything is much simpler.
It simply took control of my body by creating a kind of biotic network between itself and my nervous system, temporarily suppressing my ability to analyze the world around me and the ability to interact with it. What at first looks like a dirty game of a scat girl, in fact, is evidence of a new symbiotic life form, and its deviant behavior with its own biomass. There are many questions ahead, but one thing we know for sure: A huge hairy female ass is slowly squeezing out incredibly thick (and probably intelligent) shit that not only smells great and has a pleasant elasticity but also makes its owner dirty (vulgar?) smear himself and his face, dirty lips, touch tongue and ..
it’s incredible..


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