Lexi is walking in the park and her tummy is upset. Lexi really has to poop. She looks for a bathroom as the need to release becomes almost to much to bare. Lexi thinks she is in luck and finds a bathroom just in time but little does she know her Dom is not going to let her use it. Just as she gets to the door Lexi is told no she can’t use the bathroom. She pleads with her Dom she really has to poop but he explains he doesn’t care. Lexi tries to walk away but doesn’t make it far before she loses control and unleashes a giant amount of shit right in her skin tight jeans. Lexi ask her Dom if that is what he wanted and if it turns him on. When he says yes Lexi asked him to leave and go have some fun with her mess. On the way out of the park Lexi’s Dom isn’t done with her messy pants humiliation and tells Lexi to bend over and tie her shoe. Lexi is a good girl and does as she is told.
Scene 2: Lexi does as promised and takes sir home for fun time. With her pants still very messy with wet poo she sits on his face and rubs it in. Almost like a little revenge for being made to shit herself in public.
Scene 3: Lexi pulls her pants down to show you what’s inside with beautiful views of her messy ass.


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