DirtyBetty – UNBELIEVABLE Swollen Poopy Asshole ($16.99 ScatShop)

my unwashed donut feels warm…
I feel like a huge fragrant warm shit is pressed close to my hairy asshole!
I can’t hold it anymore…
I can smell gasses coming out…
Oh yeah!
It finally began to move forward, hmm, this pleasant stretch envelops me from head to toe.
I push my shit with all my might, drowning in its scent.
I start poking my ass with my finger and call for a second portion of fresh shit. I’m already all wet and my fingers are dirty in shit, I take the camera and dirty everything around, I shoot this monster up close so that you start to literally feel it on your lips.
What do you like?
Want to kiss me right on my fragrant hole?


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