TrixieSquirts – Sorry Plumber, I Pooped! JOI ($9.99 ScatShop)

Omg, the plumber has been in my bathroom for an hour trying to fix my broken toilet! But I have to pee so bad, I really don’t think I can hold it much longer! I finally decide to knock on the door and see if he will let me pee in the toilet that won’t flush, I really have to go!!

I go into the bathroom and start begging the plumber to let me pee!! He protests at first, then allows me under one condition. I am not allowed to poop! Remember, the toilet doesn’t flush.. it will be so stinky with no place to go.. so long as I swear to ONLY pee, he will let me. Ok! Yes, only pee, I promise. Thank you thank you! I guide him out of the bathroom and let him wait in the living room.
Celebrating, I go to the broken toilet and get myself ready for a desperate pee, giving a cute little strip tease while I’m at it. I touch my pussy, letting her know it’s time to pee. I lean back and a little pee starts to drop out, huzzah! I stand up and let my pee flow freely from my body to the broken toilet below. I splash a little bit of pee onto the toilet seat. Oops! Oh well. I continue.
Ahh, that feels so much better.. but uh… oh… uh oh… I…. Think I have to poop!!
Oh no, that was the plumber’s one request, DO NOT POOP!!! Oh no, oh no, what am I supposed to do? The poop is coming out of me, I can’t hold it in!! Oh no!!
Poop slowly squeezes out of my tight little asshole and plops into the broken toilet bowl. Ahh!! I get up to look at what I’ve done and am horrified to see my poop on the toilet seat! Ahhh!!! It’s inside and on the seat, and oh so smelly!! I plug my nose. Oh no, he is definitely going to smell this poop! How do I possibly cover this up? Oh, I know! I can scoop it out and throw it in the trash perhaps? Oh but it will still be stinky, won’t it? Oh no, oh no… ok, here goes nothing…
I go to the toilet and start to fish my poop out of the toilet!! It’s so stinky, I have to plug my nose! I’m standing holding my poop, analyzing the details in it, and get curious. I wonder just exactly how stinky it really is… I remove my hand from my nose and take a good whiff! So stinky!
To my horrified surprise, the impatient plumber decides to enter the bathroom right as I am sniffing my fresh vegan poop!!! Ahhhhh!! Omg, I’m so embarrassed, I try to explain myself, stumbling over my words. Then I look down at your crotch…

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