DirtyMaryan – Ass Slave Turned Into Human Toilet ($199.99 ScatShop)

You want my asshole don’t you? You can’t stop jerking for my ass. You wish you could smell and taste my damp asshole. You want all the juices dripping from my unwashed ass.

You would love to sniff my asshole after I take a big shit. Would you still love my ass even if it was full of shit? The more you stroke the more weak and submissive you become. You are a loser for my ass! I feel like I could cross your limits and order you to do anything…

I’m going to take a big shit and you are going to swallow it and clean my asshole afterwards. You love everything about my ass, even the nasty stinky shit that’s going to get out of it! Go on your knees, under my butt! My asshole is full of shit! A hard turd comes out from my tight butthole.

It turns me on to see your mouth full of my hot stinky shit. Creamy pussy juice is dripping down my pussy. Chew on my poop and swallow it! Now clean my asshole, be my toilet paper! Do you realize I just turned you into my human toilet? Keep stroking while sniffing my butthole! From now on you will cum only after you have served me as a toilet. Your pleasure will be forever linked to my ass!


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