SamanthaStarfish – No Pooping in the Toilet! ($10.99 ScatShop)

ScatShop Exclusive! – One of my first ever scat videos!

This is a very special video! In this one my best girlfriend is manning the camera.

Watch me crawl into the bathroom hoping to use the bathroom but all I see is a sign that says “drinking only” There is newspaper on the floor. I’m told that I’m not allowed to poo in the toilet! I have to use the newspaper! I whimper and beg with my eyes because I have to poop so bad! I can’t hold it anymore so I just poop right on the newspaper!

I get so turned on that I have to play with my huge load!

I rub my fresh shit all over my big tits and beg you to fuck my shit covered titties!

I sniff my shit and take a huge chunk out with my mouth! I chew a big piece of my shit and show you my shit coated teeth!

This video is a super fun happy funny video! Lots of dirty talk and it’s so hot that my best friend (voice only) joined me in this one!!!

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