JanineExtreme – The filthy dessert (€12.58 ScatBook)

Scat Session 72 – the filthy dessert

Today we have something very special for dessert. Back from brunch with friends, I was in the mood for a very special dessert. Fruit is very healthy, so I had the idea to spice it up a bit.

Watch me fuck my dirty ass with a banana first. I’m so greedy for my shit that I can’t wait until enough comes out. I help it along with my fingers and lick it all off. It tastes soooo good! Then I shove one grape after the other up my ass. What a great feeling!

Now it all has to come out again. I sit down on my toilet seat and really struggle to squeeze it all out. My ass is so full. Finally the whole huge sausage lands on the fruit. Now I make myself comfortable and enjoy my special dessert. Piece by piece, grapes and banana, including shit, go into my mouth.

A real treat!

In the end, I can’t resist smearing shit around my mouth. So delicious!!!

Would you also like a dessert like this?


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