RosellaExtrem – Synchronous shit of 2 Dominas! ($28.99 ScatShop)

Synchronous shit of 2 Dominas in 2 slave mouths and shit-cock clean blow!:

Here, my girlfriend Contessa Calucci and I, at the same time, two slaves shitting in the mouth and pissing, as they were under our toilet chairs. Were two beautiful big shit sausages the slaves got there in their slave mouths. Since both had problems, our great divine shit sausages eat completely, and although we fed them too! And one of the slaves, while eating shit, gagged, we came up with a perverted idea! Both had to rub their cocks with our shit and jerk off. Then one of the slaves had to blow clean the cock, rubbed with shit, of the other slave! After he had blown the tail clean, he had to suck his fingers and my fingers, clean and lick the shit from the fingers. At first, the slave did not want to, but we quickly made it clear that he must obey us. All this you see from 3 camera angles, with close-ups and from the long shot.

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