ArielBlack – Food Facts and Foul Farts ($8.99 ScatShop)

I’ve been holding my farts in in preparation for the video so I start letting some fly right from the start. Once I can maintain a hold on them I give an 18 hour food diary off all the things I ate to make myself as gassy as possible and also to make the farts as stinky as possible! I tell you in detail everything I have eaten and more importantly WHY! Now, I am ready to throw some naked unfiltered farts right up close to your face while you suck them in through your nose now knowing where each scent note came from ? I definitely know what makes me extremely gassy because this is a very high fart count video and big ones at that! I am quite proud of the finale I was able to produce ? Some shart juice on asshole at the end as well!

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