JanineExtreme – Shitty Breakfast (€12.58 ScatBook)

Toiletslavetraining! My master decided to give me another lesson in toiletslavetraining. I still have some issues we want to work on.

First my master takes a shit straight into my mouth. He poops 3 piles and orders me to chew and swallow. It is a lot and you can see me struggling. Sorry for that serious face. My master told me before not to puke and I really needed to focus but I made it. It doesn‘t mean, I had no fun. To be honest after shooting that clip I was so excited…we ended up in bed again after switching off the cameras.

After I swallowed the huge mouth full of shit my master serves me his pee to swallow too. He tells me to clean his ass with my tongue und getting another piece of shit out. I eat that too. Now he puts his dick in my mouth for sucking. He smears it in between with his shit to make it even more tasty for me. Then he gets another piece of shit out of his ass, feeds me again. I eat this piece also and start sucking his big dick again. Until he orders me to lick his balls while he gives himself a wanker until explodes into my mouth and face. Watch me smearing his load over my face into my mouth….

I have never eaten that much shit before. And for sure not without puking. I am very proud of myself that I finally start getting over my limitations and took a huge step forward in shiteating.


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