KinkyMilkyMint – Rush of Diarrhea, Such a Relief (€16.99 YezziClips)

Keeping a slave as a toilet is hard work, but there is no reason we can’t enjoy this. Like when I release an exceptionally nasty shit on an unsuspecting slave. Just as it opens its mouth to take in my nice smelly load it gets a slimy mess spreading out all over its face. But don’t feel bad for it–and not just because it is subhuman and its feelings are of no concern. He gets to hear my spontaneous laughter. That should be worth any suffering. As usual the pervert is all self-centered and feeling sorry for itself and so refuses to appreciate the fun I am having and the pleasure its suffering gives me. Of course, for those MASTURBATing along at home this has a good side. The pinnacle of human perfection and the nadir of human degradation. Picture yourself there, TOILET!
There is still so much shit on my gorgeous butt, the slave may lick directly from my asshole. But first he has to eat the portion that is still in his mouth. The mouth is like a fire – the sharp ends of the brush are sucked into the delicate skin of the mouth and tongue – tastes and sensations are at the limit of the possible! Then his rubber mask is cleaned with the toilet brush. Then he is allowed to eat the delicious shit directly from the brush. But this is not safe, since the slave is completely defenseless against the bacteria of my shit!

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